About Pune Chat

Whether you yourself are from the large and expansive western Indian city of Pune or not, Pune Chat might offer online chat experience you are looking for. Just like the other rooms available here at India Chat Rooms, it’s completely free and very easy to access and use. You simply need to come up with a suitable nickname and then you can join in the fun. You’ll find lots of interesting folk who share your interests. Even though Pune Chat is focused on catering to the people of Pune, there may well be people from all over India and the world using the room too.


Pune Chat Features

We know that no-one really wants to fuss with downloading this and that or going through a comprehensive application process just to chat in a free India chat room. That’s why we’ve simplified things to the essentials. You need a username and then you can chat. Most people tend to pick their own name, but if you’re unfortunate enough to have an incredibly common forename, you may have to think outside the box a little. Choose something that’s eye-catching and that represents you well. Once you’ve settled on a name and our system has approved it, you will be free to join Pune Chat.

As is the case with any free India Chat Rooms, we have mods (users with the @ beside their nick) who are there to monitor the action and make sure everyone is behaving. Our goal with creating India Chat Rooms and Pune chat was to create safe environments for people, so anyone that disrupts that in anyway will be either temporarily removed or permanently banned. We would recommend that if you are new and don’t know anyone, you should stick to the main chat window and avoid private chat until you’re more firmly established.

Pune Chat Tips

At Pune Chat, we want you to have the best free Indian chat experience possible. Across all our rooms, including Pune Chat, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards aggressive and antagonistic behaviour. We don’t expect any of our users to be inappropriate in any way. As highlighted above, anyone that makes another user feel uneasy, unsafe, victimised or just uncomfortable will be removed and possibly even banned. We don’t believe that our rules are particularly harsh or overbearing. Obviously, about this being a safe environment, we would recommend that, even if you have made strong friendships, you avoid sharing personal details with other chatters.

On your first-time using Pune Chat, don’t be afraid. Just take a seat, so to speak, and introduce yourself to the regulars. Spend time getting to know people without being too excitable, using caps a lot or trying to dominate the conversations. People are not drawn to people like that. Obviously, in time, you will make friends and may want to discuss matters and subjects that you don’t want everyone hearing. That’s when you should consider heading to private chat. Ask permission beforehand and then click the username and select ‘send a message’. As peaceable and inclusive as we try to make Pune Chat and the entire network, some people just won’t get on. That’s where ‘ignore’ comes in.