About New Delhi Chat

Are you from New Delhi or interested in meeting people with similar interests to yourself from the capital? Our free New Delhi chat room is perfect for you. Although it was setup for people from New Delhi, there’s a chance you will meet chatters from other parts of India and possibly from other countries too. The concept of the room, like all our free India chat rooms is a friendly place for people to get together and just chat, making friends and having good, clean fun for free and conveniently from the comfort of their homes.


New Delhi Chat Features

All the free chat rooms here at India Chat Rooms are easy to access by anyone. That includes New Delhi Chat. Before you log on and start chatting, you need to choose a nickname. As it’s likely that your own name will already be used by someone else, especially if you’ve got a common and popular forename. Therefore, you may have to think outside the box. After deciding on a username and if its accepted, you can log in and you’ll be redirected to the room. Along with the main chat window in the middle, there is also the side bar that shows you who is chatting.

When you log into any of our India Chat Rooms, including New Delhi Chat, there are users who have an @ symbol with specific chatters’ names. That symbol indicates that they are moderators. Our moderators have the responsibility of ensuring that New Delhi Chat maintains a friendly, warm and very safe environment for that use it. It’s their job to give users advice, field any complaints issue and remove or ban users who break the rules. When you first start using New Delhi Chat you should stick to chatting in the main room initially, until you make friends. Once you know them, then you can take things into private.

New Delhi Chat Tips

As we’ve already mentioned, New Delhi Chat, like our free chat rooms are designed to be spaces where people can have a good time. We are not fans of intimidating, aggressive or antagonistic behaviour from any chatters using our service. If our administrators/moderators receive any complaints about users acting in any way inappropriate, they have the power and authority to remove them and even ban them. The ban is not just applicable to New Delhi Chat as an individual room, but our entire network. It’s our goal that everyone using our free chat rooms feels safe and has an enjoyable experience.

When you use New Delhi Chat for the first time, you should introduce yourself and take the opportunity to get to know people. Don’t try to be too excitable or argumentative. If you are chatting with something that’s a little on the sensitive or private side, it may be worth taking it to private chat. This is easy to do. Simply, click their name and choose the option to send them a message. As much as we would love for all users using our free India chat rooms to get along, we know that’s not always going to be possible as different personalities clash. That’s why ignore is an important feature.