About Kolkata Chat

Kolkata Chat is a chat room that is completely free and specifically aimed at people from the capital city of the West Bengal state. While the focus of this room is towards Indian people from Kolkata, there will always be people from all over the country visiting and chatting in Kolkata Chat. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our free chat service is easy for all to use, so there’s no need to worry, you can just log on and chat. So, whether you are from Kolkata, enjoy the company of Kolkata, we want you to enjoy your time here.


Kolkata Chat Features

It couldn’t be simpler getting chatted at Kolkata Chat. You need to first choose yourself an interesting, and unique username. As they are assigned to users based on who gets there first, it could be that your name, if it’s common, is already in use by someone else. If that’s the case, you will need to think of using words or phrases that are significant to you or describe your personality. Once you’ve found a name that’s accepted by our system, you can start chatting. The main chat window is the one in the middle of the screen, while the box to the right features a list of all users online.

If you take a moment to look through the names, you’ll find some with @s beside them. This symbol denotes moderators, and these are individuals who are there to monitor the chat room and ensure its friendly and safe for all users. We have tried to make it an easy experience, chatting through our free chat rooms. However, there are still rules that need to be adhered to. Any user that does not follow the rules can be either removed or even banned by a moderator. So, if you want to enjoy a long and fruitful Kolkata Chat experience, you need to familiarise yourself with our house rules and follow them.

Kolkata Chat Tips

We believe that all should feel welcome at Kolkata Chat and that’s why we are strict in our view of any behaviour that is deemed abusive, intimidating or threatening. Get started by joining in the lively discussions in the main chat window. Try to be yourself, but don’t try too hard to be overly friendly or act the fool. Just relax and take an active interest in chatters. If you make friends with someone, then obviously you can start chatting to them in private, with their permission of course. Consent is important, because even if it seems like you are getting on with someone, you need to make sure they are comfortable chatting in private.

On that subject, because we take safety very serious here at India Chat Rooms, we need to highlight just how crucial it is that you follow safe chatting practices. For instance, in the scenario above, we would advise against sharing sensitive or personal details with people you meet in chat, even if they are good friends. Also keep in mind, if any Kolkata Chat user makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable or even scared, you should speak to a mod immediately. To give yourself peace of mind and so you can enjoy the experience still, we’d ask that you just use the ignore function.