About Chennai Chat

Do you come from Chennai and are looking to make new friends in a safe environment? Perhaps you are just looking to chat with Chennai residents, but are from a different part of the country, or another place entirely. Regardless of where you are living, you are welcome to enjoy yourself in our free Chennai Chat room. We have also tried to ensure that this free India chat room is easy to use. All you really need is to choose a username and get started. A world of great people is waiting to speak to you. Find out more below.


Chennai Chat Features

To access our free India chat, as noted above, you just need to decide what you want to be called while using the service. Generally, your forename is a very good place to start. Be warned though. Names are assigned to whoever tries to use them first. So, if your name is common and popular, there’s ever chance that it’s already in use. If that’s the case, you’ll need to think of something different. Think of things you like and something interesting about your personality. Once you’ve picked your username, and its been accepted, you will be logged into chat. Pay close attention to the users in the chatters list that have @s alongside their name, as they are the moderators.

Mods are there to oversee the chat and make sure that it is a safe environment for all using the service. While you find your bearings and familiarise yourself with the locals, it’s a good idea to remain chatting in the public room. If, though, in time you make friends with some people, or would prefer to talk about something in private, you are free to do that. It’s really very easy too, as you just need to find their username in the chatter list and click it, selecting to ‘send a message’. It’s not always going to be the case that you do get on with people, and that’s why we have the ‘ignore’ feature. It means that disagreements or personality clashes don’t have to lead to fighting.

Chennai Chat Tips

To have the best free India chat room experience possible using Chennai Chat, you need to treat people with the same level of respect you’d want them to show you. Our network has no tolerance of inappropriate and threatening behaviour. If you’ve never used a chatroom before, it’s a good idea to follow common sense and best practices for safe use. That means not sharing anything too personal or revealing with even people you have struck up a friendship with. Although it may seem untrusting, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You also need to ensure that you know all the rules and follow them strictly. If you don’t, you may find yourself removed or even banned permanently from using free India chat rooms and not just Chennai Chat. As a common courtesy, if you do feel you are ready to chat more privately and directly with someone, always ask their permission to PM them first. As well as being a basic rule for chatrooms in general, it’s just polite.