About Bangalore Chat

Bangalore Chat is a completely free India chat room that is focused on providing a safe place for people from the city and around the Karnataka area of the country to come and enjoy fun chats. While it’s people from Bangalore who are targeting, like all our free India chat rooms, it is open to anyone. As we want to make it as easily accessible to people from all walks of life and levels of computer and technology experience, we have made it a very no-nonsense experience. Pick a username and start chatting, that’s really all there is to it!


Bangalore Chat Features

So, you’re looking to join in the conversation with like-minded Bangalore people. Pick a username, bearing in mind that there’s a chance your forename, if you choose that, will already be taken. Everyone needs their own unique nick, and if it just so happens that someone else has used your chosen name, you need to think of something else. Try to pick a word or phrase that describes your personality or highlights something special about you. Once you’ve done that, you can begin chatting. When you’re redirected to the chat room, the middle part of the screen is the main chat area, while down the right-hand side is the list of users currently chatting.

Be especially aware that anyone with a @ beside their name is a moderator. They are the individuals assigned by Free India Chat Rooms to monitor the chat rooms. Primarily, they are there to help with any questions and queries but are also there to handle issues between chatters. So, if anyone breaks rules, the mods are the ones who can either temporarily remove you from Bangalore Chat or permanently ban you from the network. It’s important for us that Free India Chat Rooms are a haven, where everyone is accepted, so the small number of rules we have must be adhered to.

Bangalore Chat Tips

In line with what we mentioned above, Bangalore Chat and Free India Chat Rooms have no patience or tolerance of any kind of abusive, intimidating, threatening or violent behaviour. We will not tolerate it. Take your time and settle in slowly. Introduce yourself to the regulars and just don’t try to force friendliness or even being funny. If you are patient and participate in conversations in the main chat room, you will soon find people you connect with and once you’re past the basics, you can consider chatting in private.

Safety is one of the most important things for us here at India Chat Rooms. We can stress how important it is to be careful using even a monitored service like Bangalore Chat. Even if you feel you have a strong and trusting bond with someone, we would still recommend that you avoid sharing personal information and details with them. Also, keep in mind that if any India chat room member that makes you feel uneasy should be reported to a mod. Rather than leaving everything to the mods though, we have included the ignore feature in our free chat rooms for a reason – use it!