About Ahmedabad Chat

Are you from Ahmedabad or the surrounding Gujarat and interesting in making new friends with similar people from the area? Ahmedabad Chat is something you should consider taking part in. Even if you are from other parts of India, or the world, you are still welcome to come along and join in the friendly discussions. India Chat Rooms have worked hard in designing and creating our services to ensure they are easy for anyone to use, from any device. You don’t need to download anything; you just need to pick a username and get chatting. Find out more below!


Ahmedabad Chat Features

About choosing a nickname for chatting under, the most obvious choice would be your own real name. However, you may not get the chance to use it, unless you add a few numbers to the end, as usernames are assigned to chatters on a first come-style basis. Perhaps there’s something you really like or a word that describes your personality. Choose something interesting and when you’re ready, click to join the chat and you’ll be directed to the main Ahmedabad Chat area.

To the side of the main window where all the action happens you will see a list of names. That’s the chatters currently online and the users with @s next to their name are mods. Mods are basically there to monitor chat and ensure that everyone is having a nice time and sticking to the rules. As well as being good for advice and tips, they also have the responsibility of removing or even banned chatters who break rules or make anyone feel uncomfortable. for the first couple of times you use Ahmedabad Chat, you’re best sticking to the main chat area and just getting to know people.

Ahmedabad Chat Tips

As we’ve already noted we’ve put a lot of hard work and time into making Ahmedabad Chat as easy to use as possible. As easy going as India Chat Rooms are, though, we still expect users to obey the rules. All new chatters are encouraged to read and learn the rules, regardless of whether you’ve been to another chat room before or not. All aggressive, threatening and violent behaviour is strongly prohibited. Therefore, anyone caught behaving in this kind of way and making others feel uneasy and nervous, will not be stopped by using our network of chat rooms, including Ahmedabad Chat.

Our chat rooms are designed to be spaces where you can have a good time, making friends, having a laugh and just chilling out. If you’re just new, you should not worry about trying too hard too soon. Just be polite, well-mannered and friendly and people are bound to want to get to know you. After a while, once friendships have been forged and you’ve asked permission, you may want to chat with certain individuals in private. You can do this easily, using the ‘send a message’ option when you click on user’s name. On the other hand, if you find there are people who you just clash with, you could use the ‘ignore’ feature, though this should be considered a last resort.