About India Chat Rooms

Welcome to India Chat Rooms, an easy to access, use and completely free online chat service for people across the country. You do not have to pay any subscription costs or sign-up fees. To use our friendly, warm and fun free chat rooms, you just need to pick a username and then speak to like-minded people. So, whether you are looking to speak with people from Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat or Jaipur, you’ve come to the right place. While the largest percent of people that use our site come from those regions, people from all over India and indeed, the world, are welcome too!

India Chat Rooms Features

As we’ve established, you only need a username and then you can get started chatting to lots of fun and interesting people from the comfort of your own home. Usernames are assigned to the first people that choose them. So, if you decide to pick your own name and its already in use or someone just so happens to have the same idea for a creative nick as you, you will have to think of something else. Try to think of something that sums you up or highlights an interesting pastime or quality that will make people want to chat to you.

When you arrive at your chosen chat room, you will see that there is a list of users that are currently online. The people with @s beside their name are the moderators. These individuals are there to monitor the chat and ensure that rules are adhered to, people have help when they need it and disruptive, aggressive individuals are removed, when necessary. As you get to know people you will probably want to speak more directly with them. You can do that using the private message feature, by clicking on their name and choosing ‘send a message’. Not everyone is going to get along and although we’d rather you just acted civilly, as a last resort, there’s the ignore feature.

India Chat Rooms Tips

If you’re completely new to online chat or just new to India Chat Rooms, the first thing we suggest you do is that you read the rules. Next, we would advise that you take it slowly. Get to know people ion the main chat room, before branching off to private. Introduce yourself and be approachable but don’t try too hard. It can be off-putting is you are trying to be funny and integrate with conversations when you really don’t know people or their tastes and sense of humour.

Always be cautious when using India chat rooms, even when you make friends. Knowing someone through India Chat Rooms does not necessarily really mean that you know them. Never share anything too sensitive or personal. That aside though, if you want to chat with lots of great new people from Jaipur to New Delhi and everywhere in between, India Chat Rooms is certainly the place to do it.