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Hi and welcome to our completely free India chat rooms site. From here, you can connect and either text chat or webcam with friendly people throughout India, from a comfortable spot in your own house. It doesn’t matter what you are interested in, because when you join our India chat rooms, you are bound to find someone who you can converse with and even strike up a friendship with. Our users are from all over India, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat and Jaipur. If, of course, you are really looking to chat to others from a specific region, we have chatrooms for each of these regions.

At India Chat Rooms we are fully committed to making our free India chat rooms a safe place for all. Therefore, we work hard to ensure the rules are followed by all users. Hatred and abuse of any kind are not allowed here. We have administrators overseeing the activity in each room all the time. They are there to monitor the chat for any offensive or abusive exchanges. We follow a strict code of zero-tolerance for any kind of hate speech and cyberbullying and our admin staff make sure our India free chat room experience is friendly.

Choosing a Chat Nickname

To use one of our free India chat rooms you need to choose a suitable nickname. Many of our users simply choose their own name, but there are really no restrictions on what you call yourself, if you ensure it’s nothing offensive, you can have whatever name you like! Bear in mind, though, that your nickname needs to be unique from other chatters. If you find your preferred nick is already in use, you could add one or two numbers to the end of it to make it different. If that still doesn’t make it unique, you may have to look for a different name.

In chatrooms, the more unique and curious or even funny nick you choose, may attract more chatters to want to get to know you better and chat in private with you. A great nickname works well as an icebreaker, so if you are worried about starting conversations but have a strange nickname, you will find that people want to know more about why you chose it and who you are. The main thing we’d suggest with the nickname you choose though, is that it’s reflective of who you are as person, in the most positive way possible.

Mobile India Chat Rooms

At India Chat Rooms we are pleased to say that we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that all our free India-based chat rooms are accessible to chatters across a wide spectrum of devices and gadgets, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. We really wanted to produce a system that would not require any complicated setup or installation process. To start chatting, you just need to visit this site on your preferred gadget. So, you don’t have to download anything or wait a few hours before you can chat.

As we know that many people prefer to access free India chat rooms from the comfort of their own home using the larger screen on their laptop or desktop computer. Therefore, we’ve done all we can to make all our free chatrooms accessible and compatible from most popular browsers. If, though, you do experience any problems or issues while using your mobile or computer to access our chat rooms, contact us right away using the online contact form and we will answer your query as soon as we can. We are always happy to help our users get the best experience possible from their free India chat room experience.